Dealing with emergencies at work or in private life can be Very frustrating or exhausting. It’s important that we know how to relieve stress naturally regularly so that those small everyday troubles don’t pile up and become an actual threat to our physical and mental health in long run.

The Consequences Of Stress.

Stress is known to negatively impact the immune system, thus making us more susceptible to infections and chronic disease.

According to WebMD, the Signs and Symptoms of Chronic Stress Include:

1. Low energy

2. Headaches

3. Digestive Issues

4. Pains.

5. Insomnia

6. Frequent colds and infections

7. Depression

8. Acne

9. Obesity

I know for me, when things are stressful, I get a cold sore, very often a cold, can’t sleep even though I’m tied and just can’t stop eating sugar.

Finding simple ways to deal with stress at any given moment has been vital. I learned a lot from Poeple at work and in my private life, who never seem to get stressed even in situations when I’d be easily freaking out.

Today I want to share 14 Habits of Poeple who never get stressed. These have helped me tremendously, Try these in your own everyday life to feel calmer and more positive.



The simple act of setting an intention to feel good that day will help you perceive everything differently. Even when something unexpected Happens, once you have that intention, you’ll be able to deal with whatever comes up in a more positive way.

You’re more likely to be proactive (what can I do about it) rather than reactive (WTF is happening to me? ), so simple set an intention how you want to feel that day and how you want to react in situations.


Having a plan in place can also put you in that proactive mode.

“See, this is happening to me, but I can actually do something about it”.

Or ” I want to achieve this and this is how I plan to do it”

Once you have a plan, you know where you’re headed and what the next step is, it helps minimize the Stress and anxiety that comes with uncertainty. Don’t forget to include self-care services in that plan.

When you make that plan, keep in mind that life does whatever it wants and you need to adjust as you move forward.

So be nice to yourself and allow flexibility in your plan. you don’t want to end up constantly blaming yourself for not sticking exactly to what you’ve planned because other things comes up.

“When ones expectations are reduced to zero, one really appreciate everything one does have”. —– Stephen Hawking.


Very often we get stressed because we think we can do better.

We can always do more with our time, with our lives, in our relationships, at work…it just never stops. there’s always more to do and accomplish .

which can be a good thing become it creates an urgency to do something about the things that are important to us.

But, if you’re not careful, it can become pretty overwhelming.

That desire to do more can put you in a place where it’s never enough and you’re never happy with how much you have done. You start guilt tripping and beating yourself up over probably nothing.


I don’t know anyone who doesn’t really like music. Not everyone likes TV or Movies, but music? we all have a list of favourite songs that just make us smile.

Good thing is, listening to the music you love is one of the best ways to reduce Stress and anxiety.

Studies with coronary heart disease patients suggest that listening to music can help reduce anxiety and improve heart rate, blood pressure and quality of sleep.


Studies have shown spending time in nature is beneficial for our mental and cardiovascular heath.

Spending more time in nature could be the key to happiness according to research.

we’re surrounded by technology more and more, but we’re made to be in nature and we’re made from nature.

When you spend half an hour in a park or in the beach, how do you feel? Refreshed! Right? like you can actually breath now? calmer?.

Keep doing this. Go out for walks, hike, gardens, spend time with your friends and family outside.


Today, even My neighbor’s cat knows exercise is very important to your brain health.

When you exercise and move your body, You don’t just do it to look good, you do it because it makes you feel good and it affect Other part of your life too.

One huge benefit of exercise, especially aerobic, sweaty exercise, is that after a certain amount of time your body starts to produce endorphins. We know endorphins as something that put us in a better mood, but not many people realize it that they are natural pain killers, that we can produce on our own.

So whether you’re stressed, in pain, not feeling good physical or mentally– do some exercise, at least 10 minutes and see if you will start feeling better.

I Know for me, whenever I stopped exercising for a week, I get a little bit depressed, more reactive, mean and fearful. A 10_20 minutes walkout a day can change a lot.


Today we are told left and right we need to be grateful for everything we have and stop looking at what we don’t have.

It’s just that sometimes when you’re worried and stressed out, you don’t honestly believe that can help. But it can actually can. Even research shows People who count their blessings are overall happier than people who don’t.

Expressing gratitude for what is good in your life is one of the most powerful things you can do when you’re anxious, overwhelmed or depressed.

It’s a reminder that life is so much bigger than this moment, this struggle right now.

“You should never view your challenges as a disadvantage. Instead, it’s important for you to understand that your experience facing and overcoming adversity is actually one of your biggest advantages”.____ Michelle Obama.


Look back and ask yourself: How often were you stressed out because of X in the past? Now be honest: Was all that worry worth it? Probably not. It might even seem silly from the distance.

Everything passes and what’s stressing you out today might in a month or year or 5 years. Life moves in a way nobody can predict it, but one thing is for sure.

Nothing will stay the same, so keep yourself calm by reminding yourself this is not the most important thing that is going to happen in your life.

Even if you’re going through something difficult right now, know that this will not go on forever. Other things are going to happen and time really heals.


Yoga makes you stronger. Many studies show yoga is beneficial to our physical and also mental health. I know whenever I’m feeling overwhelmed, even 10 minutes of yoga can get me out of that negative mindset and help me start fresh. Even if it’s in the middle of the day, it really feels restorative.


Studies show people who are kind and help others are happier. and when you’re happy, you’re less stressed. If you’ve ever done something good for someone else, you know that warm feeling. it’s pretty magical.

Fill your life with experience that give you this feeling.

Studies also show that counting your act of kindness at the end of the week or day, increases happiness, even more. So do good and remind yourself of it.


Animals are adorable, playful and make our lives so much better. They don’t need to be productive, animals don’t need to make a career to feel like there are Worth it. They just are, Many of them enjoy being petted by humans. Do it! Petting an animal can help reduce blood pressure and cortisol levels, which is a stress hormone.


Stress can exhaust the body’s reserves for many vitamins and nutrients. Therefore, it’s important that we still eat healthy, even we’re under pressure.

Eating more fruits and vegetables will supply your body with essential vitamins like vitamin C, which is According to this article in psychology today is an important nutrients for stress management.

Eating clean is a self-care Habits, it’s a form of self-respect. When you make the conscious choice that you want to eat clean, you’re telling yourself: I’m worth it. Don’t treat your body like a trash can.


Identity what is causing stress in your life and write about it.

Whether you journal or just decide to write it on a piece of paper that you are going to throw out right after doesn’t matter.

You probably know what is stressing you on some levels, but you need to let it out in some form .

Writing it down is a very peaceful way to do it and will help a lot. It will help you figure out whether you can do something about it or not. If you can change it, You, of course need to take action.

If you can’t change it or do anything about it, then it’s really not in your Control. Simply admitting that and surrendering, as much as you can, will lift a lot of weight off of you. You are not responsible for everything in this world.

“It does not matter how slowly you go, As long as you do not stop”.____ Confucius.


If you’re stressed because you’re not doing what you should be doing, change it. Don’t let that thing become too big to handle in your head. Start and finish it.

Practice Self-discipline, it’s not very easy in the beginning, but it pays off, the more empowered, positive and proud of yourself you will feel.

The last thing I feel like doing in the evening, after cleaning, preparing food, running errands , running after a toddler and dealing with 1000 Other unexpected things all day is to sit down and write this blog. But most days I sit down and do something for this blog.

And this simple act of Self-discipline, even if it doesn’t earn me a Nobel prize or any other award, makes me happier, more accomplished and calmer.


5 Habits That Are Making Your Depression Worse.

This pass few weeks have been very difficult for me. I constantly had sleepless nights. I have spent days lying bed, staring at the ceiling with a million thoughts rushing through my head, depression was eating me alive, again.

I felt life I was a criminal, trapped in my own body, chained in my own thoughts. I wanted everything to just stop, I wanted to scream, I wanted to get up but depression was consuming every bit of life left with me.

I’ve had this episode for weeks. I was trapped in a living nightmare. though that Stress was the main reason why I was in this place, I’ve come to realize that some of my Small daily Habits were also dragging me back in this hole.

So, I have decided to recognize those little Habits and slowly change them as much as I can, in the hopes of making the dark days easier and more bearable.

And I wanted to share this with you too. That’s why today, I have decided to share with you 5 Habits That Are Making Your Depression Worse.

  1. DWELLING ON STRESSFUL SITUATIONS: Oftentimes, Stress is what pushes me back to my dark days. It drags me back into this deep holes where depression chains me.

When a stressful event arises, we usually dwell on it. Instead of finding options to fix and deal with it, we choose to think about it over and over again. and doing this was eating me alive.

When you have depression, coping with stressful situations can be extra difficult. that’s what it’s for me. but we have to learn to fight back and find a way to manage Stress better.

So, I started to recognize the things or actions that makes me feel calmer, actions that will help separate me from my thoughts and I looked for ways on how I can implement those in my way of managing stress. Doing this helped me a lot.


I hated seeing any trace of sunlight beaming through my windows because this means that I have to get through yet another painful day. So, I placed large and thick curtain to hide from the sun without knowing that this is only doing more harm than good.

Until my sister decided to get ride of my thick curtains, I then realized that avoiding the sunlight was completely not helping. Being able to see the sunrise or even letting a little sunlight it made me feel better, as cliche as this may sound but it gave me hope__ hope that Maybe today will be different.

It may not have completely made everything okay but it made everything feel lighter.


When you’re living in depression, even the simplest task, like getting out of bed is a constant challenge taking a shower is a chore and staying in bed is always a go_to.

It’s not because we’re lazy or we’re just choosing not to, it’s because we literally can’t. But the more I let depressed chain me to my bed, the more I’m giving it control over me and the worse I feel.

For instance, the other day I was having yet another dark day, I was lying in bed and sharing blankly at nothing then I let my sister talk me into going swimming.

Though it took all the energy left in me to say yes and do it, it made me feel so much better. I laughed and everything felt lighter.

Try to stand up and do something that makes you feel good. I know it’s difficult and sometimes quite impossible but it’s worth it.

So, start small and set small goals, if you feel like you can still do another thing after completing one task, then add one more task. as long as you’re trying that’s more than enough.


I loved watching the news. I found it entertaining and I love knowing what is happening with the world. But after being diagnosed with depression, watching so much negativity and seeing how unfair life is, just made me hate living more. Not only does seeing all the crimes and accidents trigger my anxiety but it just worsens my depression.

Sure, being informed is a good thing But the feeling I get after watching it is just not worth it.

It’s time to let go of the negativity in your life, to let go of the past. it’s time to change your mindset and add a little happiness to your life.

This video will help you to let go of the negativity of life and change your mindset.


When life gets too overwhelming and when your depression is eating you alive, talking to someone or reaching out for support can be very difficult. I understand how difficult it’s to ask for help when even getting out of bed feels like an impossible chore.

But having a support system is exactly what we need during this time.

I also had this fear of opening up to someone and asking for their help, I feared that people will either dismiss what I’m feeling or judge me.

But when I started to slowly let people in, I realized that not everyone will judge you. They may not understand what you’re feeling but they will be there for you, they will be there to listen.

While changing this bad Habits nay not complete make my depression go and stay away but it does make it a whole lot easier.

And that for me is enough.

So, recognize those Habits that are feeding your depression and start by changing them one day at a time. keep fighting, we can do this!


Confidence is a game-changer when it comes to reaching your goals, and to fulfilling your true purpose. It’s the different between having a dream and making that dream into a reality. Confidence is key to being an effective leader, a better partner, and to being successful overall.

So, what if you struggle with self_doubt? what if you don’t feel very confident with yourself, your skills and your abilities?

Listen, you know I got you! I’m going to briefly share some of the most effective ways to start increasing your confidence today.

But first, let’s talk About why you don’t have the confidence you want, you might not want to go down This road, I know! But sometimes taking a couple steps back to evaluate a thing is a way can make all the difference. ( And save So much time) When you start to take those steps forward.

So before we head into the step to build confidence, I urge you to pause and consider the following questions:

  • Why do I question the validity of my abilities, thoughts, and opinions?
  • What stop me from going to the next level in my life, career, business?
  • What excuses have I been making?
  • When am I going to stop making excuses?
  • Am I the de-motivated person I compare myself with others’ perceived progress and achievement?

That last question strike a major chord to me, Y’all, so I’m going to go into it just a little bit.

Tell me in the comments if you struggle with this too.

Sometimes, our lack of confidence is stemmed in our addiction to social comparison.

We can get caught in the trap of seeing another’s qualities, skills, abilities as superior to our own . comparing ourselves to others can be extremely detrimental for our own sense of value to the skills and the abilities we have.

And it’s just too easy to do in our present-day society. right? With all the social media platforms, the opportunities to look to the Left and right, and to see the highlight reels of everyone’s life.

We can do some major damage to our capacity to build confidence and to grow into the beautifully intelligent and capable being God created us to be because we can be so consumed with comparing ourselves to others.

If you’re insecure, Guess what? the rest of the world is, too. do not overestimate the competition and underestimate your self. You’re better than you think. T. Harv Eker.

If self doubt is your trouble, please set yourself free from that trap.

Here Are Some Ways To Do It:

  1. ACCOMPLISH A GOAL: There’s nothing quite like setting a goal for yourself and putting forth the effort to achieve that goal. The feeling that comes as a result is the realest Confidence- builder. trust me, You’ll feel like such a bawse once you’ve crossed that finish line.

But you can’t skimp on the goals you set. and you can’t skimp on your determination. shoot for the moon, man. accomplish the thing you’ve been told you will never accomplish. do the one thing that makes your heart race and the blood run cold in your veins. find out if it’s really as hard as you’re making it up in your mind to be. Will seem so simple once it’s finally overcome.

The way to develop self-confidence is to do the thing you fear and get a record of successful experiences behind you.

William Jennings Bryan.
  1. ASK YOUR TRIBE: Some example questions can be “What are the things I’m good at doing? ” “What are some qualities you values in me and in our relationship?” ” What do I bring to the table?” this one can get a little tricky because we don’t want to rely too heavily on everybody else to feed us confidence or boost our egos. the idea is to be able to pull the confidence from God and from your believe in the skills and talents he’s giving you, right? but this activity can serve as a starting point for those of us who have a harder time coming up with a list of positive things about ourselves. Write them down, study them if you have to! get it ingrained in your mind that you are all of this things. and walk in that Truth.
  1. SELF-CARE ALL DAY: Now, we’re getting to the fun stuff! Listen, We all know that when you look good, you feel, Go shopping, you feel better when you’re rested. get a full night’s rest! when you can add champagne into the mix, you feel best. A couple or five mimosas never hurt anyone. Whatever you do for self-care, make sure you creat an ongoing routine ( maybe don’t make the alcohol routine so much? ) I talk more about self-care in this post!
  1. SET CONFIDENCE – BOOSTING REMINDERS: Set Calendar appointment that pop up and remind you how freaking awesome you are, how you’re killing it today, how you’re such a #girlboss. Seeing is believing sometimes! another way I used in college was taking some dry erase markers to my mirror. I would write all sorts of things I knew I needed to be reminded of- Bible verses, motivating quotes, single discriptive words for myself. If calendar appointment confidence reminders and writing on the mirror are kind of Corny for you, that’s cool. I get it. I have also taken time out to listen to motivational YouTube videos and my meditation App, which has brief guided meditations on being fearless and releasing self- doubt. They come in the clutch, let me tell you!
  1. BONUS! GET PURPOSE- FOCUSED: Do you know your reason for being here? what’s driving you and motivating you on a daily basis? get laser- focused on that thing. As you progress and become an expert in this area, so will your confidence.

The bottom line is this: you were not giving the spirit of dear. you were made to be bold, to be beautiful, to leave your mark on this world and to make it better. Be confidence in who it is God made you to be, free of self- doubt.


Find your purpose when you stop doing these things

At one point or another, most have tried to figure out just what the heck their purpose in life is.

If you have ever go

felt frustrated with not knowing what to decide, what major to declare, which career path to choose, which road to take, you’re far from being alone.

Here Are Some Reasons You Might Have Not Have Landed On Your Purpose Yet, And Helpful Suggestions On How To Stop.

  1. You’re Not Addressing Your Limiting Beliefs.
  2. You’re Focusing On Things Outside Of Your Scope Of Control.
  3. You Aren’t Really Celebrating Other People’s Success.


1. YOU’RE NOT ADDRESSING YOUR LIMITING BELIEFS: A limiting belief is a story you tell yourself that put a cap on your own trust in your capacity to do or be something.

In other words, you’re basically out here hating on your own self.

You’re getting in your own way, and in your head. Subconsciously doubting whether or not you can do what you want.

You’re questioning your ability to have what you really and truly desire.

You’re afraid, even, to let yourself really dream about what happiness looks like in your life.

And, It’s not Surprise, That Most limiting beliefs starts in childhood and grow more and more concrete as we get older.

Unfortunately, They tend to become part of our identity.

This Is How Limiting Beliefs Might Show Up For You:

  • Believing You need more make-up to take a selfie. (“I’m not pretty enough”).
  • Thinking You’re too old to make a career change and succeed. (“I’m not good enough”).
  • Ruminating about what one person spoke over you in childhood. (“I don’t have a good brain”).
  • You have never seen anyone in your family do it, So how can you? (“I will always struggle with money”).

Get Clear On Who You Are And Where YOu Are Headed.


The first way to quickly put a stop on your limiting Beliefs is to practice saying Positive Affirmations.

And I know a lot of people roll their eyes when they hear “Positive Affirmations” . It seems like a fluff exercise when you have never done it.

But it’s anything, but Fluff if it’s done right.

See, Positive Affirmations don’t work if you’re trying to tell yourself something that is completely opposed to how you feel. If it doesn’t resonate to somewhere inside of you, no matter how many times you say it, those words will not take action.

Most of the time, Growing into the person we look up to (Or secretly jealous of) . Requires discomfort and pains.

But, unfortunately, we have been trained to think that pains equals being unhappy. so we run around from distraction to distraction, convincing ourselves that the stuff of life will make us happier.

when really feeling the pain can end up in unheard-of levels of happiness.

Work with affirmation is actually doing the work to see where you’re believing untruths about yourself.

Then, either creating affirmations around what the truth is, or finding ones that really speaks to that empty part of you.

Recommended Reading:

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  • Discover Simple Tricks To Stop Over Thinking And Find Mental Peace.

2. YOU’RE FOCUSING ON THINGS YOU CAN’T CONTROL: The stoic had it right when it comes to the belief in working to accept the things you can’t control.

Finding Purpose Has A Lot To Do With Having Mental Fortitude.

You have to be able to use logic on what can be a challenging journey (and learn less on emotion).

What that means is learning how to remain focused, no matter what is going on around you.

It will be really hard to find out what it’s you are meant to do if you’re stuck ruminating over something that happened in the past, that you have no ability to change.

It’s a challenge to work on self_discovery ideals if you are regretting certain decisions you made in the past.

You Won’t Get To Happiness By Holding Unto Things That Have Already Happened. (And That Are Happening But You Have Very Little Control Over).

Let it go, Let it be what it is. Learn to accept it and Move on.

Among Other Things, Stoicism is about identifying whether or not something can be done about a painful or challenging occurrence .

If it’s something that can’t be actively changed, then, the work of acceptance comes in.

Happiness is a function of accepting what is.

Werner Erhard.

Or, you can choose to turn the obstacle into an opportunity.

There are lessons in any experience_ good or bad. facing failure, pain, suffering is all a part of living daily life.

When you can accept that these experiences are embedded in life, shifting your focus to what you can control helps you to continue to move forward.

And Continuing To Move Forward, To Take Action, Is What Will Lead You To Your Purpose.

The impediment to action advances action. what stands in the way becomes the way.

Marcus Aurelius.

So, What Can You Control In Any Given Situation?

You Can Control These Things:

  • Your thoughts and the stories you create.
  • The feelings you have.
  • How you react to your emotions.

When I was working at one of my previous jobs, When Sunday evening came, I would automatically slip into this deep sadness.

The thoughts that would go through my mind were along the lines of “I’m stuck at this job, I really can’t stand” “I have so much to offer and I’m here”. “How can anyone be happy working here?” “I wish I’d made better choices, and now I’m so far behind everybody else my age”.

There’s a lot more to unpack with all of this thoughts. But the point is I was letting all of this negative thoughts about where I spent the majority of my time keep me in a loop of depression

Thoughts lead into your emotions which a lot of times, dictate our behaviors. We become what we think and my negative thought made me into a negative person.

Those thoughts bled into every part of my life. they carried into a negative thinking about my relationships, friendships, my capabilities, my spiritual life.

Everything was affected by those automatic thoughts I’d allow to run rampant.

I give that example to say this:

Check your thoughts, Make sure you’re Focusing on things within your Control.

For me and that job I dislike so much, What I could control was my attitude. I could control wether I did a good job there or bad one.

Making relationships and connections that could set me up to get out of there is something I could’ve focused more on.

Because my thoughts led to me sitting and crying at my desk, doing the bare minimum, and into being blinded by any possible opportunities.

And finding your purpose is literally all about seeing all of the opportunities and possibilities.

Here Are The Steps To Break Out Of Negative Thoughts, Negative Emotion Pattern:

  1. Think about your thoughts.
  2. Visualize a different outcome
  3. Creat a morning (or nightly) routine around gratitude.

First, Think about what you’re thinking about.

How you can do this is by slowing down, a lost art in today’s fast microwave culture.

Keep a daily or weekly journal about your thoughts, trying to connect those subconscious thoughts with how you felt during the day.

Connect all of the thoughts through to the conclusion or the outcome of that initial thoughts.

Ultimately, recognizing the initial thought empowers you to create a different story.

You choose what you feel, You choose how you behave.

You choose your purpose and your Happiness.

If You want to be happy, be.

Leo Tolstoy

Second, Visualize an outcome different from what you’re used to. Break the negative loop by thinking something completely different. close your eyes and envision having a great day. picture having the best day you’ve had in a long time.

This is the day that everything goes according to plan, you laugh, you enjoy a d you’re fully present.

Take note of how the exercise makes you feel.

How Do You Think You’d Feel At The End Of A Day Like This.

Third, practice daily gratitude. This can be another journalising exercise. take a minute to write one thing after everyday that you can be grateful for.

And it might be hard at first to think of even one thing.

One Line, one sentence everyday. and you get bonus points if you build this into a habit.

You Will See Your Daily Gratitude Start To Change How You Look At Life From Moment To Moment.

Instead of looking for all of the things that reinforce the believe that your life is crap, you will search for the things that makes it actually kind of good.

Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, creates a vision for tomorrow.

Melody Beattie


Finally, the third critical reason why you haven’t found your purpose yet is that you’re busy being jealous of other people’s success.

You might wants to be happy for them, But deep down….

  • You wish their success was your own.
  • You engage in a sort of obsession with how They are doing it.
  • You ask yourself Why them and not Me?

This line of thinking is detrimental to your own journey of finding Purpose and happiness.

Each of our path is our own.

Every single one of us has struggles and challenges along the way. Again, it is all a part of life and the Human experience.

When you take only the happy snapshots of another person’s life, comparing it to what your daily life might look like at moment, what you’re really doing is creating excuses for yourself to not try.

You are perpetuating procrastination and halting the very action needed to find your own true purpose.

How you can actually be happy for other people’s success is by starting on creating your own.

Sounds simple enough right?

It takes moving towards what you really wants in life.

And that takes sitting down somewhere and mulling it over.

You have to invest time in considering your likes and dislikes, what you’re naturally good at, what lights you up, what you can’t stop talking about.

When you take action, you’ll start to see your own small wins and Successes.

When you feel like you aren’t loosing all the time, you can find true happiness for the person winning besides you.

Because we are all winning if we choose to do so.


There are certain things that we all need to hear, no matter how old we are and we want to hear them directly from our parents.

Whether we are little ones, teen, young adult or grown adults… We are never too young or too old to hear these important 5 things am about to share with you .

Before we dive in, this article is not just applies only for parents! Maybe you are a parent now or you are planning on having children, or maybe you are a guardian, grandparent, an aunty or uncle, or maybe you are a leader in your community where younger people look up to you for empowerment.

What would our world be like if everyday parents and role models were sharing these messages with younger generation.

Below are the 5 Important things to tell your kids before you die.

  1. THANK YOU__YOU GIVE MY LIFE PURPOSE AND JOY: There’s nothing in life more valuable than the relationships we have with our loved ones. This relationships bring purpose into our lives and joy. The purpose of Parenthood is unlike anything else, giving life to and raising another human being… bring a new level of depth and meaning to our life journey. Tell your children this! Let them know the gravity of their value, purpose and meaning in your life, how much they have enriched your world.
  2. I LOVE YOU__ EVERY MOMENT, INCLUDING ALL THE TIMES I DON’T SAY IT OR ACT THAT WAY: People of all ages need to receive love and affirmation to support them on their journey in life, and it’s very important to get that directly from parents or quardians. Children look directly to their parents and role models (Guardian and grandparents for example) for bonding, security, safety, acceptance and unconditional love.It not enough to be loving, this world can be a challenging place and each soul. Needs to hear the word “I love you” .
  3. I’M SORRY__FOR ANYTHING I HAVE SAID OR DONE, OR NOT SAID OR DONE THAT MIGHT HAVE LET YOU DOWN: No one is perfect and the ability to say “I’m sorry” goes a long way to building bonds and sense of security in a relationship. While most of us know this, we may not think about this in terms of parents/Child relationship. Most of the time we immediately of children needing to say sorry for doing something wrong, or not meeting expectations or being naughty. But what about when adult gets it wrong? When adult say sorry, it teaches children valuable lessons in humility, making amends and forgiveness and it also builds a level of trust.
  4. YOU ARE AN INCREDIBLE PERSON__WHAT I APPRECIATE MOST ABOUT YOU IS… : How well does it feel when someone praises you for some inherent part of your nature/personality. It’s a huge affirmation, a conference booster, a wave of love washes over you. By praising children, we cement the essentials for life…self esteem, self confidence, self belief and self love.
  5. I’M PROUD OF YOU__FOR WHO YOU ARE, NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO: In a society that is built to condition people to strive to be more, get more and do more, so many children grew up thinking they need to achieve certain standard in order to be loved and in order for their parents to be proud of them. Because social media, mass media, news and advertising are working hard to condition young mind to become more, do more, get more, succeed strive, and look in a certain way in order to be “good”, it’s our job to tell the children in our lives that we are proud of them, full stop. we are proud of them for who they are as a person, no matter what they do. Children need to know that there is nothing they can do, or not do, say or not say that can make them less or more loved, they are magical just as they are. This gives children the mindset and emotional foundation necessary to thrive in their life…so they can go out into life to creatively and intuitively follow their heart’s desires to whatever they freely choose to be, do and experience in this world. Not for validation or acceptance, just for the joy of it.

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Don’t leave a burden for your next of kin. Regardless of your age, this is very important.

In the daily hustle and bustle that’s life. Being prepared for our demise isn’t usually a top priority . But what if you fall gravely ill or die unexpectedly? Will your loved ones know what to do and, most importantly, where to look for important paperwork to guide their decision-making?

We asked RICK KOLlAUF, director of business advisory with BMO private bank in Milwaukee, and Karen McMillan, a certified financial planner and portfolio counselor with Osborne partners capital management in San Fransisco, to share a least of the most important documents to keep handy, why you need them, and what happens without them. Here’s what they shared:

  1. WILL.

Why You Need It: To choose an executor and spell out your final wishes for how your estate should be distributed after you die.

What Happens without it: You die “intestate” and your assets go through probate, where your state’s intestacy laws determines how to pay your debts and distribute your assets according to survivorship rights in that state, Mcmillan says.


Why You Need It: To retain control of your assets while you’re alive and to appoint a trustee to transfer assets directly to your beneficiaries, avoiding probate.

What Happens Without It: Your estate goes through probate. However, a trust needs to be properly funded to work. Meaning, you have transferred ownership and titles of all of your assets from your own name to the trust name, KOLlAUF said.


Why You Need It: To state your preferences for end-of life medical treatment when you become incapacitated or terminally ill, and you can’t speak for yourself.

What Happens without it: State law determines who makes this decisions in order of closest relationship. Also, any disagreements on life-sustaining care can wind up in court (Think:Teri Schiavo).


Why You Need It: To give someone you trust the final say about your medical care when you become incapacitated or seriously injured.

What Happens Without It: State law dictate who can make medical decisions on your behalf. But if conflict arise among relatives, the battle could go to court. Says McMillan.


Why You Need It: To give someone permission and authority to manage your finances when you can’t do it yourself due to illness or distance.

What Happens Without It: No one can access your financial account or pay bill on your behalf. That could put you behind on meeting your financial obligations and rack up debt, Says KOLlAUF.


Why You Need It: To ensure your beneficiaries can easily file a claim and receive any benefit you have left in their name on life insurance, retirement, and annuity account.

What Happens Without It: Your survivors will have to inventory all of your assets to figure out which companies hold this policies, KOLlAUF says. That can take substantial time and effort.


Why You Need It: To transfer ownership of assets to a surviving spouse.

What Happens Without It: It could take a few weeks or more to order a certified marriage license or a divorce decree, which are both critical to establishing (or disproving) spousal benefit and entitlements.


Why You Need It: To help your agent file your taxes if you become incapacitated, or to file a final tax return after you die.

What Happens Without It: Your taxes could be filed late, incurring penalties and liens. If you use an accountant, list his or her contact information with your tax returns too.


Why You Need It: To identify what banks and other financial institutions you do businesses with to pay bills or district assets.

What Happens Without It: Again, it will take detective work and time to get to the bottom of it. Meanwhile, your bills will go unpaid and assets distributions could be delayed. Tip: designating your bank accounts “transferable on death” to specific beneficiaries keeps them out of probated, KOLlAUF says.


Why You Need It: To give your executor clear directions on how to manage/ distributions your estate.

What Happens Without It: It’s a Free_for _ all among your survivors, McMillan says.

Items to include in the letter of intent: Personal property assistance, pet care wishes, passwords and logging to online accounts, where to find titles, deeds and other paperwork, contact info and names of your lawyer, accountant and other professionals, safety deposit box and key location, social security number, birth certificate for you and minor children, and other key paperwork.


Why You Need It: To make it clear what can (if any) memorial service you want and whether you want a burial or cremation.

What Happens Without It: It is not a legal document, but it makes your loved ones’ lives much easier when the clock is ticking and decions need to be made quickly, McMillan says. If you’ve pre_purchased a burial plot, cremation or service, you’ll want to leave a copy behind in a place loved ones can easily find it, she adds.


Why You Need It: To outline what should happen to your business and who should be in control if you die or become incapacitated.

What Happens Without It: Your business (and your employees) could suffer financially, and operations might be impacted. Ideally, your business should have its own trust, separate from a personal trust, with a special trustee named to keep things running smoothly, KOLlAUF advises.

Documents to include in the business file: Certificate of ownership, operating licenses, titles or deeds to real property, crontracts, stocks/investment, articles of incorporation, bylaws and emergency plans, etc.


When you have a child, your entire life changes. suddenly, everything is for the baby.

Every parents wants to be able to do write by their kids. But there are many things that stands between you and not being a good parents, but the kind of parent your child needs, that is the right way to look at it, good and bad are relative.

But all kids approximately needs the same thing in order to grow into happy, healthy, successful human beings.

Parents neglect to give their kids what they need for a lot of reasons. I’ve seen parents read so many parenting books that they end up not knowing which way is the right way. I’ve also seen parents who just don’t care, letting their kids do whatever they feel like, or, even worse, neglecting and abusing them.

One thing is for sure: there are a number of truly toxic parenting behaviors that imprint on our kids and deeply, profoundly impact their life growing up.

These are habits and actions that you should be avoided at all cost. Some are physical, some psychological and some are social.

Here Are 11. Signs That You Were Raised By A Toxic Parents, And How It Affects You As An Adult

  1. They Never Respect Boundaries : It’s important for parents to think about the boundaries they have set for their children. In my home, my parents established a very important boundaries : Stay out of the parents’ bathroom. Stay out of mom’s office. Stay out of dad’s man cave. There were good reasons for those rules! You’re adults ; you own things like porno mags like marital aids. You don’t want kids to get into that! But kids also have things they don’t want you to get into, too. You can’t expect kids to feel like respected individuals if you also don’t honor their personal space and boundaries too. When your Kids get older and into their teen years, you should not be snooping, they don’t go through your underwear drawer, you shouldn’t go through theirs either. They are old enough that simply talking to them about worries uou might have are good enough. Use your words, don’t be intrusive.
  2. They Didn’t Provide Affirmations And Security: A lot of parents, stereotypical macho dads type especially, thinks that punishment is king. It takes tough love to shape and sculpt young boys into strong, capable young men. But tough love isn’t how you make sure your kids can take care of themselves. By punishing your children over every little thing, you cripple their ability to be strong in the face of life challenges, because any sign of failure will be met with swift something. Not punishment but something, disappointment, frustration, anger, withholding. We should be teaching our kids about the world as an adult. When you’re an adult and you fail at something, you don’t have some authority figure that takes away your gameboy until you fo better. You try harder to do better, and that comes from within.
  3. They Were Overly Critical : We all have dreams or goals that we don’t achieve. Maybe you wanted to be a football star but you tore your ACL in high school and all that went out the window. Maybe you were almost the math league champ but didn’t quite make it. One thing is for sure: you should nit be projecting your failures into your children. You can’t force your kids to be something you wished you were. When you fo that, you crush their self esteem. When you project what you want for your kids unto them without letting them choose, and when you level unrealistic expectations, you don’t make them better or stronger. You make them weaker and less likely to be empowered with the tools to take on the challenges of their adult lives.
  4. They Didn’t Follow Through :Parents want to be their kids’ best friends. But that’s not what kids want. You don’t want to unintentionally raise a terrible adult, and one of the ways you avoid that is by setting rules and actually following through with them. If you’re a new parent, it is good to experiment a little to see what works and what doesn’t. But at point, you have to see what guidelines and rules works and actually follow through on them. No parents wants to purnish their kids, No parnets wants to tell their kids what’s what and see those tears well up. But you need to be able to not manipulate but adjust the mindset of your kids through these guidelines. You don’t want yo crush bad habits but develop and incentivize good habits.
  5. They Don’t Give You Space : As your kids get older, they need space from you. This is an important parts of growing up. At some point, you have to stop telling them what to do and you have to stop doing important things for them. You can’t do their home work, you can’t do their college entrance essay. At some point, you have to look at your kid and say “Figure it out, I’ll help if you need me too”. But even then, make sure you’re not doing anything of the figuring out for them. Be ready to let your “Baby” go when they know they need to figure things out on their own. Parents who deeply love their kids find it hard to let go the part of their life where daddy and mummy are crucial for every little thing. But to impose yourself long after that kind of parenting is needed is wrong.
  6. They Lived To Serve You: You should have a strong sense by now that the right form of parenting is somewhere in the middle of both extremes. You don’t want to throw your kids to the wolves but you also don’t want to serve them. When your kids are old enough to learn to cook, teach them to cook. When your kids are old enough to fo laundry, have them do laundry. When your kids are old enough to drive, for God’s sake, teach them to drive. It’s important you don’t pamper and serve your kids forever. They need to learn vital skills to maintain themselves as adults. One of the things I find myself bemoaning the most is how much skills have been loss between my grandparents and I. There are a lot of skills they have that I didn’t just have instilled in me. It’s important to give your kids the knowledge that you were given, and pampering them won’t teach them anything good.
  7. They Threatened Or Intimidated You: It’s frustrating dealing with the little things with your kids. They often become afraid and unsure of things that are simply and second nature for you. They don’t always succeed at self-control which can endlessly difficult for a parent simple trying to parent the right way. But what you absolutely can’t do is level threats. “If you don’t —–, then —-. ” “If you ever —–, this is what is going to happen to you”. Under this kind authority, yes u have completely destroy the confidence your kids have in you. They won’t feel like they can come to you for help because a threat have been leveled and this is one of the major signs that you were raised by a bad parent. How can you really talk to a person candidly and honestly about what you’re going through if you feel the result is going to be a punishment of some kind.
  8. They were Helicopter Parents: The millennial generation will tell horror stories about helicopter parenting. Check out any reedit threat about helicopter parent and you’ll sew the carnage they leave behind in the form of adult who don’t know up from down and left from right . when you have a baby, you have to it. You have to do everything in your power to care for it and make sure it survives. You have to honor their mistakes and appreciate their success and let them grow into independent people. If you don’t, you have Raised an adults who don’t have the skills necessary to succeed on their own.
  9. They Never Listened To You: I’ll let you in on a secret: Kids aren’t stupid. They can read sarcasm and tell when you’re condescending and not listening to them because you think they some kind of dumb kids. Parents: you need to listen to your kids. When you listen to your kids, and I mean really listen, ir tells them that they are unique individuals who have something to offer this world that we’re living in. True, a 4years old probably won’t ever have something particularly compelling to say to you but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t show them that what they say is important, because it actually is. Stuffs that seems mundane to you might absolutely be mind blowing to them. If a child tells you that she saw a brown dog that day, hear what they are saying. That might be the first for them. They want to talk about the incredible experiences they have the same way you do. Listen to your kids.
  10. They Were Lazy: For some parents, kids come into the picture and it’s so overwhelming that they just kind of hit cruise control and zone out. Lots of frozen TV dinners and movies inth car. It’s easy to park a kid in front of the TV for 6 hours and then just sit around and be lazy, but being a parents takes work. It’s the hardest hob you can possibly have. But you have to actually teach your children things. You have to spend time with them, and instill all these healthy habits. It’s hard to get your kids eat well, but you have to. It’s hard to get your kids brush their teeth and floss, but you have to. It’s hard to teach your kids to manage their own home work, to drive a car, to get a good job, but all these things are so fundamental that you just have to teach them.


How to live on less money: Hacks to thrive.

Your bills are too high! And for what? Because you’re hesitant to live on less money? Livingston on less doesn’t mean living on the bare minimum. It doesn’t even mean skipping on the stuff you like.

Living on less means being strategic with your spending. It means cutting the expenses you don’t want ( like forgotten subscriptions that continue to charge you monthly). It means earning cash back on the stuff you buy all the time.

Time to streamline your money. Follow these tips to make “living below your means” a lot easier.


If you’re trying to save money, you must eat out less. Food from the grocery store is expensive as it is. When you eat out, you pay for the preparation, the service, the rent for the building, management salaries and you still have to leave a tip. It is a money-suck! .

You can cook way better food at home. Don’t believe me? Try this: search Google for your next recipe. Try typing in “French toast recipe” or any other recipe you’re interested in. The first result will be the best. That’s because in order for a recipe to get to the top of Google, it needs lots and lots of 5 stars reviews.

When you use Google as your recipe book, I promise you that you will start cooking the best food you’ve ever tasted. Seriously, try it. You’ll save money.


Food from grocery is still super expensive? So how do you save? Try the free Ibotta app that pays you to buy groceries, open the app, snap a picture of your grocery recipe, and Ibotta will transfer money into your Ibotta account.

To grow your savings, deposit that Ibotta money directly into your bank account or get free gift card to Amazon or Walmart.

Download Ibotta because it’s easy to use and because it’s the highest paying cash back on groceries’ app around. You’ll also receive a $20 welcome bonus just for using the app.

COVID 19 HACK: Since you’re cooking at home, you’re probably buying more groceries than ever. Ibotta saves you money on groceries nearly every grocery tip. Grab your receipt, snap a pic and earn cash back. ( you’ll get a $20 welcome bonus just for using the app). Another tip if you’ve been having your grocery delivered. Ibotta will give you 20% cash back on your Insacart delivers. So you’ll save on the delivery feed and you still get to take a picture of your receipt to earn more cash back.

Update 03/23/20: Ibotta has cash-back on grocery and restaurant delivery services :

Door cash$2.50 cash back on your first order.

Instacart- $2% cash back.

Grub hub -10% cash back for new customers, 2% cash back for existing.

Blue Apron – 12.50% cash back for new subscribers.

Home chef – 10% cash back for new subscribers.

Download the free Ibotta app


DOSH is simple when you swipe your card (debit or credit), you earn cash back automatically. There are no recipes to scan and no offers to redeem. Simply spend money on your card, and DOSH collect free money in the background.

How does this work? The DOSH app securely connected to your debt (credit card) when DOSH recognizes that you swipe your card at their partnered cash back locations, you earn your money.

That means when you checkout at Walmart, target or sam’s club, DOSH automatically collects cash back.

Use DOSH to grow your savings.

Deposit your DOSH card directly into your bank account. You will also collect a $1 welcome bonus just for connecting your card.

COVID 19 HACK : As at 4/22/20, DOSH is offering 4% cash back at vons when you order your groceries online. Create your free dish account to earn easy money on groceries through the DOSH app, and grab a $1 welcome bonus! (Pro tip: use DOSH and Ibotta together to earn more free money).


Are you getting gouged on your internet bill? The sad truth is that you likely are. Internet companies don’t have fixed rates on their internet speeds. They charge as much as they can on a per-Customer basis. That’s why the trim app exists. Trim saved their users over $1m in the last few months alone by lowering their internet, phone, cable and medical bills. They are bill- negotiation experts. When you get a trim app, a trim team member will call your internet service provider and negotiate a lower bill on your behalf. They do absolutely everything, and you collect the savings. If trim is unable to save you money their services won’t cost you a cent.

However, if trim does successfully negotiate a lower bill, you keep 66% of your savings the first year, and 100% of your savings every year after.p

Lower your bills with trim.

Because why overspend on internet, phone and cable when you absolutely do not have to?

“Help me stop being poor! ”

Here are the facts. The only way to save money is to spend less than you earn. There is no way around it . So what does means for you? It means you need to either decrease your expenses or increase your income. These frugal-living hacks will help you accomplish the cardinal rule of personal finance : keep your in come over your expenses. When you can spend less than you earn, your money will grow. You will build your savings, pay down debt and save for retirement.


The next time you check out from amazon, here is what RAKUTEN will do for you:

  • Rakuten will earn cash back on your order.
  • Rakuten will apply promo codes at checkout to save you money.
  • Rakuten will give you a $10 welcome bonus.

Rakuten is a rebate finding machine when you shop at one of rakuten’s 2,500+ partnered retailers, that retailer pays rakuten and rakuten shares that money with you. Rakuten offers massive cash back. You will earn up to 40% at same stores. What’s more, rakuten works automatically. Install the rakuten browser extension so that rakuten can earn you free money every time you shop online.

Oh yeah! Rakuten pays in cash. The free money you earn while shopping online with rakuten will be delivered by check, straight to your door every 3 months deposit that money to grow your emergency fund.

Setting up an account is not only free, but you will also receive a $10 welcome bonus the first time you earn cash back with rakuten. You will find many popular retail on rakuten including target, Amazon, Walmart, bed, bath and beyond and many more.


Don’t you hate it when you buy something and it goes on sale the following week? However getting a refund for the price difference can be a hassle. This is where PARIBUS can help. It affects as your personal shopping assistant helping you get your money back on purchase when the price drops. It searches your inboxes for recent orders and tracks pricing changes. When it detects a price drop, asks the retailers to refund you the difference.

BONUS TIP: Are you washing your hands more than normal? If you want to save money. Stop using paper towels to dry your hands. Instead, switch to hand towels and dish towels! You will easily save money plus you’ll eliminate the risk of running back out to the store .


WIKIBUY is an internet browser extension that automatically apply promo codes to your online orders (such as Amazon, Walmart. Com, as well as 1,000+ other online retailers). It takes seconds to add to your browser and from that point on, you save money without lifting a finger. For example, when you’re checking out from amazon, WIKIBUY automatically tracks down a coupons to knock down your price. This browser extension saves you both time and money because WIKIBUY does all of the bargain hunting for you. Add this money- saving gear to your arsenal to effortlessly keep more money in your pocket. Grab WIKIBUY, because why miss a free promo code when you don’t have to?


You don’t want to live on the bare minimum. But you do want to live below your means. Spend less than you earn and your money will grow. A budget is a plan to spend less than you earn. ( I.e, it’s a plan to spend your money the right way). The only problem is keeping a budget.


  1. You can review your bank and credit card statements from the last three months to create spending categories. Then you will need to track your expensess to ensure you do not overspend.
  2. Or you can try the empower app, the smart budget solution. EMPOWER helps you bring mindfulness to your spending by generating monthly summaries of your spending. All you have to do is look at your report and tell empower where you want to spend less.

When you set up your weekly or monthly spend limits, empower will notify you when you’re getting close to over- budgeting. Stay under budgets- spend less than you earn and your money will grow.

Try empower free for 30 days. Maybe this is the app that will help you grow your wealth every month.


Another area where you can easily save money and live on less is on your utilities. Below are a few tips to get you started.

  1. LOWER YOUR ELECTRIC BILL FAST. Would you like to save on electricity? It’s actually very easy to do with electricity rates. Here is how it works: You probably have multiple power companies in your area, and naturally, they charge different rates. Simply switch to a different power provider offering a lower rate (no interruption of power, no decrease in quality) and you just lowered your electric bill forever. Check out electricity rates. Com, plug in your zip code and find out for yourself if you found a very easy money saving opportunity.
  2. GET ENERGY EFFICIENCY APPLIANCES & PRODUCTS. When it comes to replace your appliances, do the research and find energy efficient options. Replacing your appliances over time can significantly cut your energy bill! If you are nit planning on replacing your fridge anytime soon, you may consider getting some energy efficient ( aka. Money-saving) Amazon products. Here’s a couple of their favorites
  • SMART PLUG: Automatically switches things off when not in use.
  • ENERGY EFFICIENT LED LIGHT BULBS : Save money on your electric bill by simply changing out your light bulbs.
  • SMART THERMOSTAT : Home owners save up to 23% annually on heating and cooling costs by making this effortless change.

3. CANCEL CABLE TV: Cable or satellite TV can add up more than $100 to your monthly utility Bills. The good news is that there are many cheaper alternatives such as YouTube TV, Sling TV, Netflix and Hulu ( plans start as low as $5.99/month) that can help you cut that expense and still watch your favorite shows.

4. INSULATE YOUR HOME: If your home is not insulated well, your money is literally flying out of your doors and windows. Make sure your all frames around doors and windows are well insulted and fill in any cracks in your home’s exteriors.

USE LESS ELECTRICITY ( turn off lights, unplug) A quick way to save money on electricity is by using less. Turn off the lights when you leave a room abd unplug appliances you’re not using such as your toaster oven. They draw energy even when they are not in use, costing you money.


We all have to eat but it does not need to cost a lot of money to eat well. You can eat well on less money with the help of a few quick tips and tricks. Here is how to eat better than ever for a fraction of your current spending.

  1. Plan your meals: Next to learning how to cook, meal planning is the best way to save money on food. Creating your own meal plan takes just a few minutes but can save you hundreds of dollars and lots of stress from scratch every week, a service like $5 meal plan can be a life saver. For just $5, you get a monthly meal plan, including recipes and shopping lists. All recipes are tasty and cheap, costing less than $2 per serving.
  2. Cook from Scratch : There’s no way around it. Cooking your own food will save you a lot over the long run. Learn hoe to cook and make your own meals. If you don’t have the time or inclination to create a meal plan from scratch every week, a service like $5 meal plan can be a life saver. For just $5meal plan can be a life saver. For just $5 you get a monthly meal plan, including recipes and shopping lists. All recipes are tasty and cheap, costing less than $2 per serving. Most store bought foods are less healthy than what you can make at home and full or additives and sodium.
  3. Shop With A List: An easy way to save money shopping is by making a list and sticking to it. Use your meal plan as a basis for what groceries you need to buy for the week. In addition, check your fridge and pantry to see if you’re out of any staples. Make your shopping list based on what you need and bring it with you when you go shopping. Only buy what is on your list. So you can get better at planning out your shopping tips.
  4. Use Coupons : Coupons can get a bad reputation but they are a great way to save money and live on less. However, instead of clipping coupons for tuns you think you may need, flip the idea on its head. Make a list of what you need to buy and search for coupons that match up. Tips way you’re not spending money just to save a dollar or two on items you may not need. Also, before making an online purchase, do a quick search for coupons.
  5. Plan meals Around Sales: Here is another tip that will save you hundreds this year. Plan your meals around what is on sales at your local grocery store. Check out the store circulars regularly and use the loss leaders ( items on the first page) as the basis for your weekly meal plan. Grocery stored put the items with the biggest discount on the front page if their weekly sales circular in the hope of drawing people into the store to spend on other items. Stock up when you find a good deal and use that as the basis for your meals.
  6. Buy What Is In Season : An easy way to live well on less is by eating in season. Instead of buying strawberries in December, why nit try oranges or Mandarins? Fruits and vegetables that are in season test better and cost less.
  7. Eat Less Meat: Meat can eat up a big chunk of your grocery budget. While you don’t have to go vegetarians, eating less meat will save you a lot of money and introduce you to new recipes and flavors. Try going meatless one day a week or plan one meal a day without meat. The easiest way to cut meat is by starting with breakfast. Instead of bacon and eggs, try having just eggs fruits and toast. Other options include Oatmeal, yoghurt, fruit or even avocado toast.


If you’re looking for ways to spend less than you earn, you need to start with your purchase. Lifestyle inflation will slowly eat away at your salary, making you feel you haven’t made financial progress even if you make a good salary.

  1. Bank Your Raises: One of the easiest ways to spend less is to save your raises. Instead of adjusting your spending every time you get a bump in salary, use it to increase your savings. Set up a transfer to your pay check or bump up your retirement contributions. Over time, this can significantly increase your savings rate and you will barely notice the difference. The key is to whisk the money out of your account before you have a chance to spend it.
  2. Stash Your Bonuses : Getting bonus can make you feel flush with cash. More often than not, the money gets spent and you don’t even remember what you bought. Instead of spending all of your bonus, set aside 10 or 30 percent to spend as you want. Use the rest of the money to fund important goals that align with your values. You can pit the extra funds towards your retirement in a vacation account if travel matters to or towards a house or car down payment.
  3. Save Your Refunds And Wind falls : Just like with a bonus, unexpected refunds or windfalls can feel like free money. It easy to blow through the cash and not knowing where the money went. Just like with a bonus, it’s important to put your money where your values lie. Set aside some of the funds to use towards something fun. The rest should go into a savings account or use it to fund a bigger goal.
  4. Set Up Automatic Withdrawals: I the money is in your checking account, it will get spent. The easiest way to save more money is to set up automatic withdrawals from your checking account to a saving account. Bonus points if the savings account is at a different bank. Focus on spending the money you have in your checking account. This will force you to get creative and prioritize your spending.
  5. Try Using Cash: Studies shows that charging your purchases on plastic causes you to spend more. That’s because you’re separated from the act of spending money until you see the charge on your statement. Using cash can make you feel the pain of spending. The pain of handing over physical dollar bills can help you carb your spending.
  6. Money on anything from clothes to housewares and furniture. You can often find brand new items with the tags still on for a fraction of the price of buying new.. Since most items in a thrift store come from donations, you never know what you will find. Before going online to buy something full price, checkout the thrift stores in your area. You may be able to find the item you need or a comparable version for much less than retail. Before heading out,, check Craigslist and Facebook for yard sale listing in your area. There are also apps such as yard sale. Treasur t ppbyou find yard sales in your neighborhood and surrounding areas.
  7. Check Out Yard Sales : Another great place to buy stuff for cheap are yard and garage sales. Since people are looking to get rid of their stuff quickly, you can use this as an opportunity to get a better price.
  8. Use A Cooling Off Period : Impulse purchases can cost dearly over the long run. According to survey by Slickdeals aNet(source), people spend Impulse purchases every year. That’s a lots of money!. An easy way to stop shopping on impulse is to institute a waiting period before making a purchase over a certain amount. For example, waiting 72 hours before buying anything that costs more than $50. This will help you overcome the excitement of buying something in the moment so you can consider the pros and cons of the purchase.. More often than not, you will real
  9. Try A No-Spend Challenge : A no spend challenge is a great way to kicksatrt your commitment to living on less. He way it works is that you vomit yo spending money only on the essentials for a dedicated period of time such as a month. Doing a no spend challenge can be difficult at first but as you spend get the hang og it, it gets easier, you may be surprised at how many unnecessary purchase. Use this as an opportunity to identify your spending problem areas and figure out lower cost alternative or how to avoid the expenses altogether.
  10. Cut Back On Eating Out: Eating out can be a big drain on the budget, adding up to hundreds of dollars every month. While you don’t have to give up dinning out completely, there are ways to do it smarter and still have un. Drinks can very expensive when going out to eat. Instead of buying a drink, order water with your entree . Offer to split an entree with a friend or take half of it home to eat later as leftovers. Focus yo spending on opportunities to dinning out with friends rather than on rushing through the drive on the way home from work.
  11. Six Hacks To Saving Money Faster: Saving money is easy. Once you know how to do it. If you’re living without the peace of mind of having lots of money in the bank then try “Savings account accelerator” Workshop, it exercises 6 money saving hacks that’s not only going to teach you how to make money but also how to save money faster than ever before. Don’t change your lifestyle to save money. Use this free information to make saving money easy.


Having fun doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. There are ways to spend less and still have a good time. Here are several tips to get you started.

  1. Invite Friends To Your Place: If your friends wants to eat out or go for drinks regularly, the costs can add up quickly. Try time someone suggests going to eat, why don’t you invite them over to your place? You can host a potluck or go with fun theme such as wine tasting and cheese. Everyone can bring their favorite wine, cheese or snacks to share and you get to hang out for less.
  2. Use The Library : The library can be a treasure trove for ways to save money on books, Audiobooks, movies and even your favorite TV show. Some libraries even offer free passes to local landmarks and museums. You can also find free classes on anything from pottery to genealogy.
  3. Try Red Box: Red box is a great way to watch recent movie releases for less than $2 They offer a good selection and there are usually several within a two mile radius in most urban and suburban locations. If you sign up for their email list, they often send discount codes that bring down the costs of a cine night movie rental to less than a $1.I’ve also had a great success within just doing a quick Google search for coupons before renting a movie.
  4. Watch What You Have: Many people forget that they have a big library of available movies at their disposal. Whether this is physical DVDs or Blu-ray discs or online movie purchase, just rewatching some of your favorites is a great way to vet more out of your purchase.
  5. Borrow From Family And Friends : Going off the previous tip, check out your family and friend’s movie libraries and ask them to borrow you something you haven’t seen or would like to rewatch. This is a great way to expand your own library for free. Make sure You offer them some of your own movies or show in exchange.


The simple answer is spending less than you earn. While this sounds easy in the theory, it is difficult to do in practice. Emotions can get the best of you, causing you to spend money unnecessarily . The best way to live on less income is to figure out your big why. When you align your spending with your values, spending less on everything else becomes easier. Figure out what you value the most, such as family, friends, traveling, your health and so on. These are your priorities and where you should spend your money. This can mean splurging for airlines tickets to visit your family in a different state or spending more for organic food. The key is to spend money on what matters to you and cut expenses in other areas. We all have access to a limited amount of money. Living on less income requires focusing most your spending on ways that align with your values.


Living on less money doesn’t have to mean depriving yourself. Being frugal allows you to align your spending with your values and put your money towards what matters most to you. Spending less gives you options and can provide you with a cushion if you experience a loss of income. You will sleep better at night knowing you have extra breathing room in your budget and a savings in the bank. Alright, those are the easiest ways to spend less money (without feeling like it)


Toxic dads can have far -reaching, and even permanent effects in their daughters’ lives, even after they have entered adulthood.

A healthy father- daughter relationship acts as a scaffolding for building a beautiful future for the daughter.

The one that teaches you how the world functions. The one that sees you totter and fall and get back up again, offering unrelenting support. The one that set your idea of men when you couldn’t even speak your own truth.

The father is all of this and much more for his daughter.

Healthy father and daughter relationships tends to be the spine behind healthier societies and a healthier world. A bond like this ensures healthy examples being set out the ability to be strong yet compassionate, and can often influence the way the daughter functions as a human being all through life.

Unfortunately, this ideal isn’t attained in every father- daughter relationships. The reasons are many, but what really holds is the impact such a relationship has on the child and later the grownup.

The question is :
Can you tell if who you have become is partly because of the relationship you have shared with your father.

To get an idea, see if one of these patterns seem familiar to you.

When you recall the times you spent with your father during childhood, you recall a person who was hardly ever there.

And “hardly ever there” does not mean physically, which boils down to an extremely busy father who had too much work or would fail to show up for parent-teacher meetings.

Absenteeism is often more subtle than you think. This could have been someone who sat at the same table with you, and yet you felt like he was somewhere else. You may have tried to convince yourself that he is emotionally invested. The signs of holding and engaging though we’re entirely missing, it is likely that you sensed his own behavior wasn’t much different towards his own wife, who also happens to be your mother.

2. ABUSE :
Was your childhood peppered with scenes of rage and extreme anger, all of it coming from father that the children were perpetually sacred of?

Would you check in with yourself a hundred times before you spoke your truth to your father, fearing he might explode all over again? Or was your home an out and out mine field every single day, where safety was a constant concern?

Abuse by toxic dads, overt or covert, can be a real cause of women finding it difficult to navigate their personal lives.

The relationship pattern with toxic dads has similarities with absenteeism, but there are differences too. An escapist father often has addictions engagements that don’t involve his current family, and feels an overwhelming need to some how stay detached from his living situation, while maintaining a semblance that he is part of a “family”

Alcoholism and drug user are common among escapist fathers, leaving daughters confused about where they stand in relationship with their fathers.

You might already be familiar with co- dependency between partners. But did you know co- dependency is as much a truth when it cones to toxic dads?

If you experienced (and still perhaps experience) your father to be this person who treats you as an extension of himself, no matter the context or the stage of life, it is likely that you’re dealing with co-dependency.

This is a state of fusion where a father feels so inextricably connected to his daughter, he can’t give up control over her life. This is the case of a father that doesn’t invest. It is one where the investment is so high, the daughter might feel a silent fear of speaking through her authenticity and taking her own decisions, for her own sake.

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