just how much do you want to get ahead? If you’re one of those people with a lot of big goals and huge ambitions, then maybe it’s time to take your work life to the next level. But leveling up in any aspect of your life is hard work, and its going to require What one very crucial element from you: your good health. Without health, you get nowhere fast. Poor health means poor thought processes, low energy. An ability to concentrate and a predisposition to get sick often, meaning alot of lost time in sick days and time spent playing catches up later than getting ahead. This is why, if you want to supercharge your work success, you’re going to first have to get healthy.

To get started, try these simple tips:

  1. MANAGE YOUR STRESS : your days is going to be stressful, no matter what. You don’t get ahead without taking on a fair bit of work and having a lot of complicated goals. Exercise is crucial to relieving stress. It’s exercise that wipes out cortisol in the bloodstream, which is produced by stress. Cortisol isn’t bad by itself, as it helps regulate certain things in the blood that you need. But too much cortisol all the time will work against you, eroding neural pathways and changing brain function for the worse. This is why its so important to keep levels under control. Regular exercise does this naturally.
  2. KEEP YOUR BRAIN ONLINE : Stress isn’t the only thing to hurt your ability to think or make decisions. A lack of oxygen to the brain which comes from sitting still too long, can also make you dull, so exercise helps out here too. Then add to this, a proper diet to supercharge your brain function. Too much sugar or chemicals in your food can again impair your brain function. Healthy foods, especially those high in omega 3fatty acids, do wonders for brain health and keeps you thinking clearly all day long.
  3. INCREASE CAPACITY : Ready to take on more? You might not be if you are not feeling well. You don’t challenge yourself or even be prepared to take on additional work or a promotion if you can’t prioritize or manage better what you have right now. The ability to prioritize better will come from regular exercise, which helps you in goal getting and problem solving success. The ability to take on more work requires enough sleep, so you’re rested and ready for the new challenges. And the ability to tackle creative tasks requires a diet high in healthy foods (blueberries are fantastic for this) ;so your brain is ready to think outside the box. In other words, you’re going to find your entire body needs to be on board with your future success. There’s no doing this halfway.

Published by Emeh Modesta

A creative writer, computer operator, loves sharing knowledge, releasing the large potential in me. Can't keep u ignorant. A graphic designer, good in singing and also a composer. Connect with me: Emelichiemerie2019@gmail.com. Website :Modestasblog.com.

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